Located on Elizabeth Street in the heart of downtown Burlington, The Dickens is committed to serving sophisticated pub fare in an inviting atmosphere stoked in history. At the Dickens, we are dedicated to providing our guests with a welcoming place to gather, relax and indulge with friends, family or that special someone!

What's in a name? Did you know that when pubs first started hanging signs outside of their establishments it was during a time when patrons were predominately illiterate? Who knew! Accordingly, pub owners would traditionally hang illustrated signs that would be easily recognized by patrons. These illustrations would often depict battles, local notables, heroes or royalty. Our Pub, The Dickens, is named after the famous English novelist Charles Dickens. You are sure to spot several odes to the renowned author around our Pub, including of course, our sign!

What is the history of The Dickens? The Dickens was the former residence of such notable gentlemen as Joseph Redman 'Shoemaker' circa 1880; John Thompson Bastedo from 1855 to 1873, an agent for D. Moore & Co. in Hamilton and a Postmaster from 1871 (or earlier); and John Kentner in 1893, the owner of a Lumber Yard and Mill that once occupied Brant Street, all according to the Burlington Historical Society. You will see that The Dickens has maintained many of the dwelling's original architectural features and details, together with additions introduced in the late 1970's when the Village Square opened.

Our dining menu offers a variety of traditional and modern pub fares. Be sure to try one of our customer favourites. The Dickens also has a vast selection of Lagers and Ales on tap to complement your meal. And be sure to round out your tasty meal with one of our decadent desserts made in-house!